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A pet sculpture is a precious and enduring keepsake of the special animal in your life and a perfect gift. Naomi uses a variety of photo references, armatures, and polymer clay to create a realistic sculpture of your pet. The process involves collecting photos and references, creating sketches, building the skeleton, layering muscle, applying skin, and adding texture to represent fur. Finally, your sculpture is painted to capture your pet's uniques patterns and colours. Please see additional information below the images in the gallery.
Starsky and Skylark (2015)

Starsky is approximately 4" tall and Skylark is approximately 6" tall. These two gorgeous dog sculptures were created over a period of a few months. Starting with some photos provided by the owner, that captured the personalities of the dogs. Naomi then visited the owner and her dogs to collect additional photos of the dogs from different angles, including their bellies to enable her to produce authentic representations of the pets.

Sculptures require multiple images of your pet from ALL angles to create the most realistic representation of your pet. Naomi prefers to visit with you and your pet to capture the reference she requires, as well as understanding the personality of your pet. If this is not possible, Naomi is still willing to determine if a sculpture from the collection of images is possible. She understands that this product is a fantastic memorial for a pet who has made the journey over the rainbow bridge, so additional photos may not be possible.
To order your pet sculpture pet portrait drawing just email as many high resolution in focus photos of your pet that you have to Naomi. Please include in your email your name and contact details, the pet's name, (the drawing will be named after the pet).

Pet sculptures prices start from $350 per sculpture. Each sculpture creation requires a large amount of research, drawing, building of the armature skeleton, securing the skeleton, layering muscles, applying skin, texturing fur and matching the colours of your pet's fur, each pet sculpture will receive an individual price depending on the variables of your specific pet's intricacies.
We look forward to creating your masterpiece!

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