Wonkie Knee Art - Pet Portraits and other Creations

Welcome to Wonkie Knee Art.

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I am Naomi Campbell, the artist behind Wonkie Knee Art. I specialises in pet portrait drawings, sculptures, ceramics, origami art, acrylic paintings, repurpose, reclaimed, art and art workshops.

Pet portraits sketches and drawings are created using a photo for reference. It is always best if you can provide an in focus photo with a high resolution - good quality phone images are ideal. Hard copies or a compilation of images can be used if that is all you have. 

Pet sculptures are constructed using a variety of photo references, armatures and polymer clay to create a realistic sculpture of your pet. 

I have been learning wheel throwing ceramics over the past 2 years after a death of someone who was very close to me. Learning wheel throwing was always a bucket list item or me, so I enrolled in a class at my local studio, HAGAS and it has very helpful in moving through my grief, keeping me grounding in art, being creative and reigniting my passion.  I am in development of constructing a ceramics studio to have the ability to throw and fire on a regular basis. 

Please stay tuned for more pottery, if you wish to place and order please send me a message and we can discuss what you are interested in. 
Pottery gallery COMING SOON! 
You can see my work on Instagram, Facebook and now YouTube. 

I am fascinated with Japanese culture, as a Karate-ka practitioner and instructor for the past 15 years and this has inspired a unique collection of origami art - in bottles, jars, frames and a variety of mobiles. Which will hopefully be available on Etsy soon!

A variety of My personalised acrylic paintings can be found in the artwork gallery. Paintings can be commissioned to create a unique and personal piece. I would love to work with you to bring your vision to life. 

Workshops are provided for all ages and abilities. Please contact Me for more details and to discuss what you are looking for. If it is creative, it is highly likely I have tried it I will be willing to assist you in whatever way I can. 

We look forward to creating your masterpiece!