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Pet portrait sketch gallery
Sketches are a looser, quicker style of portrait. These are designed to be an affordable and simple representation of your pet.

Photo realistic drawings are created in a large format to allow the artist to add as much detail of your pet as possible. These take Naomi at least 6 hours to complete, depending on the colours and textures of your pet. The process involves applying multi-layers of pastel. It takes a minimum of 4 layers and sometimes up to 20 layers to capture your pet's personality.
A pet sculpture is a precious and enduring keepsake of the special animal in your life and a perfect gift. Naomi uses a variety of photo references, armatures, and polymer clay to create a realistic sculpture of your pet.

This collection of origami art provides you with a contemporary take on a traditional art form - a fun way to decorate and brighten your home. You can also order custom designs in your favourite subject and colours. 

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